Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic


Online Class


This class is for you if:

  • You have no previous experience at all with classical occultism, Wicca and the Western Mysteries.  Maybe you are hesitant to begin, because you feel insecure about where to start, and who to trust.
  • You are a parent of a minor who wishes to learn Wicca and you would like to monitor your child’s education on the subject but you don’t know anything about it.  You would also like to have an opportunity to have access to me for Q&A sessions in the facebook community I will provide, about your concerns.  Your child can work through this introductory course and you can join in when you feel like it to ask questions and review the material your child is receiving.  I can guarantee you full transparency on my part.
  • You are a beginning student of Wicca and ritual magick but you might be frustrated with the lack of practical information that has been available to you in your previous or current instruction.
  • Your are interested in ceremonial magick traditions such as the Golden Dawn but you are overwhelmed by the information and don’t know how to start or understand the material you need to know in order to practice.
  • You are a seasoned practitioner, facilitator or instructor who is frustrated with some of the negative social dynamics that take place in your magical community or groups.

Newcomers and beginners will receive a sound foundation of knowledge to help you better understand the mechanics and psychology of magick as well as a little bit of history, before diving into a committed ritual practice.

Those of you with some Wiccan background who are interested in ceremonial magick will be introduced to very basic concepts about the subjects of the Westerns Mystery Traditions you MUST understand before even trying to work with a system like the Golden Dawn.  You will also be given resources for your continuing education on these subjects.

Advanced practitioners cannot help but to gain valuable new insights into some of the most basic ritual magic concepts which will make it easier for you to understand some of the problems that occur in group dynamics; as well as enhancing your own knowledge base to a much deeper degree.   You will also be given tools for implementing better facilitation that eliminates some of the common problems.

This class is 80% lecture on magick theory and 20% meditation technique which will carefully and safely teach your mind how to start to focus and concentrate properly, and prepare you for the discipline of ritual magick.  This training will also give you strategies that you can use in daily life to improve the quality of your daily life.  This training will give your mind body system a gentle, slow, and safe introduction into the experience of ritual phenomena as it effects the mind body system.

This course WILL NOT provide classical Wiccan ritual instruction.  This is a pre-requisite class to a forthcoming training in the near future which will provide that education over a period of three to four years, in the traditional Wiccan Initiation degree system.  The “Self Initiation Into Wicca” training program  is currently in the wings and awaiting production.

What this class will do, is help you become better informed in order to make a decision about committing to the magickal path or not.  You can get a taste of what to expect should you decide to commit later, and have a broad spectrum of theory and knowledge given to you which is based on my 30 years of experience as a an occult student, initiate, and practitioner, in both Wicca and Ceremonial High Magick.

This course is currently in production.  If you would like to be kept informed of the launch date, please fill out the opt in form below to be put on the mailing list.

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