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Love & Relationship Tarot Reports

These reports are designed to give you insights into the various types of obstacles that may be hindering your success in relationships.

  • Love & Relationships:  Conflict Resolution Tarot Report:  $18.95
  • Love & Relationships:  The Dynamics of Projection Tarot Report:  $24.95
  • Love & Relationships:  Looking For Love, It All Starts With You, Tarot Report.  $24.95

General Guidance Tarot Reports

Great for general insights and guidance about daily life issues

  • Past Present Future Tarot Report:  $9.95
  • Facing A Challenge Tarot Report:  $12.95
  • To Illuminate A Situation Tarot Report:  $15.95
  • Spiritual Guidance Tarot Report:  $24.95
  • Traditional Celtic Cross Tarot Report:  $29.95
  • Tarot Profile Report: $48.95  (This report requires your astrological birth data)

Mythic & Shadow Work Tarot Reports

These readings address deeper, more crisis or trauma oriented situations and unconscious dynamics

  • The Ferryman, Transformative Personal Healing Tarot Report:  $15.95
  • Talking With Your Shadow Self Tarot Report:  $18.95
  • Oracle of Hecate Tarot Report / Lessons Learned From Troubled Times  $24.95
  • Shadow Work / Underworld Journey & Grief / Trauma Tarot Report: $29.95


Written Astrology Reports:  $38.95

  • The Underworld Astrology Report / A 12th House analysis
  • Life Purpose Astrology Report / An indepth look at the Ascendant
  • The Luminaries Astrology Report / The Sun, Moon, & Rising Sign
  • Love &  Relationships Astrology Report/ An analysis of Venus
  • Career & Finance Astrology Report
  • Archetypal Astrology Report/ Searching for your mythic theme
  • Past Life Astrology Report

Supplemental Reports: $38.95

You must already have a base-line natal report before choosing a supplemental reading. The reason is I need the natal horosope to compare it to.   Supplemental readings are currently available for the following natal reports:  The Underworld Report, Life Purpose Report, Lminaries Report, Career and Finance Report and the Love & Relationships Report. 

  • Progressions And Transits Report:  Track your growth and changes with the current position of planets now, in relationship to your natal birth chart
  • Solar Return Astrology Report:   Annual update for the year to come.
  • Relocation Astrology Report:  Are you moving or thinking of moving?  Want to see how the new location may change the dynamics of certain areas of your life to bring more challenge or more ease?