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Sometimes you need something a little more personal then a written report.

In order to schedule your live chat reading with me, please take the following steps.

1. CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT:  You will have to set up your account and login/password at the web site.  Membership is FREE!  

Clicking on the banner above allows you to access my direct “advisor” profile on psychicworld.  From there you can navigate the psychicworld site to set your membership account up.  Just go to the “login” link on the upper right hand corner of the menu and “create an account.” 

2. PAYMENT SET UP:  All payments for my live chat readings are handled through the psychicworld secure payment gateway.  Go to the “$0.00” link, also on the menu at the top of the website. A drop down menu will appear.  You can “add credits” to your psychicworld account by choosing the amount you wish to add on the drop down menu.   You may also choose a paypal or a credit/debit card option by checking the box they provide.  

To determine the amount of credits you wish to purchase for your reading, please estimate ahead of time how long you think you will need to speak with me at $1.99 per minute.  You can control the time you want to spend with me and change your mind at any time during the reading assuming I have not made conflicting appointments with others at a specific time after your session.  We can always book another session for you, and continue if we run out of time.

I offer a few free minutes at the beginning of your session to settle into the conversation.  To expedite your time spent with me, you may also send me a description of your question, or problem ahead of time, when you set your appointment up so we can get right down to business at the onset.  If I have your question ahead of time, I can shuffle and lay the cards out and take a minute to look at them before I open our live chat session and your minutes start running. 

3.  CONTACT ME:  When your account is active, you can take steps to contact me to set up your appointment.  You may contact me directly on psychic world, by messaging me through my advisor profile.  Just click the “contact me”  envelope icon on my profile page.  

You may also contact me here on the Nekeuomanteion by filling out the email form below.  Either way a message will be sent directly to my email inbox to notify me that you have contacted me. We can set up your appointment through email or the messaging system on psychicworld.

Please specify how long you wish to book your appointment so I have an idea of how to work you around my other appointments.  My recommendation is to estimate by 15 minute chunks.  If its a simple issue then 15 minutes should be plenty of time.  If I have time we can go longer if you change your mind, otherwise we can schedule a follow up appointment to continue discussing your issue.  If you can determine ahead of time how long you think you may need, be it 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes, then I can determine where in my schedule to book you around my other clients.  

4. MEETING ME ONLINE:  After your appointment is made, login to psychicworld at the predetermined appointment time, and go directly to my advisor profile.  My “online” indicator should be on.  If it is not on, just wait a few minutes, as I’m probably signing into the account myself.  If I am running late I will try to notify you in advance.  Once my “online” indicator is on, click the “lets chat” button next to my profile.  A call will be sent to my computer.  


There will be two ways we can communicate depending on what device you are using.  We can either use a chat box, or if you are calling me from a laptop/desktop computer, you might have an audio option if your bandwidth allows it, in which case a phone icon will be available on your screen when you contact me.  Just click the phone icon so you can speak to me instead of typing and it will be like an actual phone call.  My bandwidth does not currently support the psychicworld video option but I am able to receive audio if you are able to choose it on your end.  The psychicworld video/audio option is a brand new feature to their site and it is still undergoing beta testing.  My understanding is that the new feature only works from laptop/desktop to laptop/desktop, and will not be available through cell phones or tablets at this time.  If you are using a cell phone device, texting will be your only option of communication through their chat box feature. 

5.  TAROT READINGS /  HOURS OF AVAILABILITY:  I do not currently have set hours of availability.  I am a massage therapist and see clients out of my home.  My schedule changes every day depending on how many people are in my appointment book for any given day.  You are certainly welcome to login to psychicworld and see if I am “online” or “offline” at any given time.  If however, you contact me ahead of time to schedule your tarot appointment, you will be written into my daily appointment book and I can work you into my day around my other massage clients.  As a general rule I will sign onto the psychicworld website when I am certain I have enough time to be available between my other massage clients, or at any random part of the day or evening when I am not otherwise engaged. 

5.  ASTROLOGY READINGS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  If you are wanting an astrology reading I will need the following information from you prior to your reading:  


Month, day and year of birth

Exact time of birth

City and state of birth

If outside the US, country and province of birth.

Without this information I cannot give you an accurate horoscope.  I need to calculate your horoscope ahead of time.  Please also send me your question, problem, or reason for the astrology reading when you contact me to make your appointment, so I can research your chart before we speak live.  In this way I can make the most efficient use of your minutes during our session. 

See you there!

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